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forever flock

The Characters Behind the Forever Flock Fleeces

Words by Rebecca Hosking

Folks often have a low opinion of sheep — they’re under the impression that sheep have little intelligence or character. In reality this couldn’t be further from the truth.

 Outside of lambing season, I spend roughly an hour a day caring for my flock. And after 11 years or 3,850 days of doing so (give or take those couple of days for leap years) I have a pretty good understanding of their characters.

 They are indeed individuals — just like any house pet or horse they all have their own identity. Some are curious, some are shy, some are playful and make us laugh, others are serious and always on-guard. Some are brilliant mothers and for others mothering doesn’t come easily to them. I guess what I’m trying to say is that like any group they are a mixture of personalities.

But it’s not just their characters that are different, the flock I care for are a cross of Shetland and Icelandic breeds. Both these breeds sport an array of varying colour fleeces and their lambs do tend to pop out a little like smarties, you’re never quite sure which colour each one is going to be.

Their differing personalities, wool colours and textures make each sheep completely unique. As such, each of our flock of 90 has a name.

In the past couple of years it’s been wonderful working with Rosie from Felted Sheepskins, and as our working relationship has built so we’ve got to truly understand what Rosie is looking for within a fleece to felt. We also love the fact that she’s been keen to ensure her customers know the name of our sheep and the rugs are named accordingly.

This has led to a knock on effect as several of Rosie’s customers contact me directly, politely asking for a photo of the ewe whose fleece they’ve just bought. It seems for many these photos have given them a joyful direct connection to the ewe munching happily in our pastures.

This has delighted both Rosie and us, because these requests fit the ethos behind why we produce cruelty-free wool. So people can rest assured our sheep are happy, well and very much beaming with life.

 Such has been the call for photos that Rosie and I thought, ‘Why not make it an optional feature of buying a rug?’

 So from now on when you buy a Forever Flock fleece from Felted Sheepskins, you’ll have the option of buying a quality photo of the ewe whose wool was used. I know from customers who already have a photo accompanying their rug, the two together become real topics of conversation with both family and friends. Customers love the fact they can see the face and character behind the new rug, and it makes their rug personal and utterly unique.

Contact Rosie here if you would like to order a photo of  your sheep to accompany your Forever Flock rug. Photos will be sent as high quality digital files at an additional cost of just £9.99

forever flock