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masham x suffolk lamb

Lambing TIME

Lambing is our favourite time of year on the farm. It is always exciting to see what potential fleeces the new lambs have. There is nothing better than walking down to barn in the middle of the night and before you even open the door you hear the sound of a ewe talking to her new born lambs. Its such a sweet sound. Not that this year was a particularly easy lambing for us – lots of little complications and our first ever C-section. (which was fascinating to watch and produced two healthy lambs!) However the quality of our lambs has been brilliant, and all our lambs are healthy and strong. We are already thinking about next year and what Tup we will use over our ewes.

This year we lambed in the barn which isn’t so good for the fleeces as they tend to pick up a lot of hay. Next year for the first time we will be lambing outdoors in the hope of having less vegetation to deal with when it comes to making our Felted Sheepskins….. just the weather to contend with!

downacarey bridgefelted sheepskins Masham x suffolk lamb