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Lovely New Sheep!

We have just bought three new sheep to add to our flock here at Downacarey Bridge. They didn’t have to travel far as they are only from a farm a mile up the road. We chose these three lambs for their exceptional fleeces – they are an unusual cross and we hope to breed more of the same style in the future. My mum loves to name our sheep so it wasn’t long before these three were officially named: Grace, Greta and Gladys.

Making felted sheepskin rugs is all about working with the best fleece you can get. Even so you never quite know exactly how it might turn out until its completely dried after the felting process. Every fleece is different and wool can vary even within the same breeds. Im really hopeful these three lambs will give us wonderful fleeces for us to turn into rugs for years to come. Take a look at the rugs we have for sale over on our shop.

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