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quintuplet lamb

QUINTUPLETS – One in a Million!

This post is simply to share the amazing news – that one of our ewes gave birth to Quintuplets on Easter Sunday! This means she beat odds of one in a million!!!

The clever ewe in question is a Lleyn called Iris. The ram was Ted our Blue Texel. Iris was scanned as being in lamb to a triple so you can imagine how surprised we were to get five lambs! Before lambing she was very large and uncomfortable and now we know why!

My husband checked on the ewes in the barn at around 3am – he didn’t know what was going on. He woke me to tell me ‘there’s loads of lambs…. you’ll need to come and sort it out!’

When I got to the barn I was pretty confused, trying to see if any other ewes had also lambed at the same time …… but we soon realised they all belonged to Iris!! Three boys and two girls!! An really wonderful Easter surprise!

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