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Our Rug Guide

Each of our felted sheepskin rugs are unique and have their own character. Please read the description of each rug we will give as much detail as possible to help you make your choice. These rugs are 100% natural and sustainable and have not been through any harsh cleaning process and as a result they can retain some of their lovely lanolin and smell wonderful. Due to the nature of the product some rugs may shed a little hair or you might even find a small missed piece of straw. Don’t worry this is totally normal – it is after all a 100% natural handmade product that you are buying.

Rug Care


If you really need to wash your Felted sheepskin you can pop it in the washing machine on a gentle wool cycle. Use a small amount of wool detergent. Alternatively you could soak it in a bath of warm water – then let it drip dry. Stretch the rug out firmly when it is still damp. Let the fleece dry naturally in the sun – this may take a few days. Never brush a curly fleece just work your fingers gently through the locks. However if it does not have curls you can give it a brush.